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How to file:

  1. Register or login
  2. Identify the "article" (e.g. "container")
  3. Enter applicant details
  4. Select class(es)
  5. Select design type, i.e. "Aesthetic" or "Functional"
  6. (Optionally) enter priority details and upload priority document
  7. (Optionally) enter a release date, being the date on which the article was first made publicly available (if no priority is claimed)
  8. (Optionally) edit the definitive statement
  9. (Optionally) add an explanatory statement
  10. Sign forms


    • Our system includes an e‐signing option
    • We don't require a hardcopy of the signed documents to be couriered to us
    • No commissioning, legalisation, notarization is required
    • All documents are lodged on filing. We don't late‐lodge documents
  11. Pay US$299 by credit card

We will immediately file your South African design application, and email you the filing receipt (with the South African design application number) within a South African business day.


South African designs are not subject to substantive examination.

Our South African patent agents S&Z Patent Attorneys will prosecute your South African design application to grant. All communications will be sent by email. Login to your Dashboard to monitor the status of your application, and to instruct: publication of Acceptance (US$70); and courier of the South African design registration certificate (Optional, US$110).

Your South African design application should be granted within 12 months, at a total cost of US$369.

Need help?

Use our free phone support to connect with a South African patent attorney (6am-2pm UTC) ‐ visit the Contact Us page.

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Design Dashboard

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